Blah Ood

 The boy who cried blood. I think this is the same way Arnold said it when he was that age. Blah-ood!
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katey - 11, 05 2008 : Dood I thought he wasnt kidding!!!

caleb - 16, 08 2008 : did the baby really have blood on his face?

Cptn. Jack - 19, 12 2008 : lol no the 'food' looked like blood so that little boy thar thought 't was, aye? 'Cause it didn't sound like he'd be jokin' to me, savvy?

alien - 09, 11 2009 : wierd but funny and, its was food jack?

your name - 14, 12 2009 : did he die?

your name - 09, 05 2010 : your comments

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