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When I was a child my family used to sometimes take our vacations, in British Columbia. In those days all Canadians appreciated their American neighbors. We had a favorite place to visit, mostly because of the fine fishing. It was at a Lake that was about 30 miles long and a 1/2 mile wide.

While we were around our campfire in the evening the local Indians would go from camp to camp selling their wares. They would also tell of the Legends of the area. This one Legend always stuck in my mind.

It seemed that on this particular Lake two Indian Tribes made their homes. They were, however, at War, with one another from years before.

There was an Indian Maiden in one Camp who was in love with a young Brave in the other Camp. They used to stand, on the shore, each on their respective side of the Lake, and chant Indian love calls to each other...even though they were warned by their Chiefs that nothing could ever come of it. One day they just could not stand being apart any longer.

That evening, on a cold Fall night, they each jumped into the Lake and swam towards each other in the Moonlight. When they reached each other in the center of the Lake, they embraced and, very quickly, froze to death. This act so impressed the Brave's Tribe that they named the Lake after the young man.

I will never forget those wonderful vacations that we spent at "Lake Stupid".

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bob - 15, 10 2008 : quite good it made me laff a bit :L

me - 10, 03 2011 : dats not even funny !

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