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A rich, Christian man was talking to God, "Can't I take it with me when I go?"

God always answered the same way, "NO!" Finally one day the man talked God into it and God said, "Okay you can take two suitcases full of anything you want."

The man filled up two suitcases full of gold.

When the rich man reached the pearly gates St. Peter asked the rich man why he had two suitcases.

The rich man said, "It's okay I've already cleared it with God."

St. Peter asked him to open the suitcases, when the rich man opened the suitcase, St. Peter said, "Why'd you bring paving?"

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Eloy T - 07, 05 2008 : Very funny

O Sparta - 13, 05 2009 : classic. :)

your name - 12, 11 2009 : meh

penis - 13, 03 2011 : penis im mah face yummy cummy

your name - 02, 06 2011 : your comments

Doggy tumor - 06, 12 2011 : utterly crap

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