Workmen At Covent


The contemplative routine of the convent was being disrupted by the presence of workmen converting the electrical service from overhead lines to buried cable.

Mother Superior called the electric company's complaint department to ask for help, "The profanity these men useĀ  constantly is unsuitable for our community. You must make them stop cursing so much."

"Very well, Sister. But you must make allowances for their habits. Even when they are trying to be tactful, they will still tend to call a spade a spade," said the company spokeswoman.

Mother superior then observed, "I think the term they actually use is 'fucking shovel.'"

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2 - 24, 06 2008 : that wuz stupid.

joe jonas - 29, 12 2008 : freaki'n funnest joke ever

anonumous - 24, 09 2009 : boring-_-

your name - 09, 04 2010 : joe jonas is retarded if he thinks this was funny i will show u funny go 2 i have a webcam and am 19

your name - 09, 04 2010 : u no wat will happen we could meet up and i will show u a fucking good time i will ride u till your penis falls out

your name - 09, 04 2010 : lesbians welcome

your name - 15, 05 2011 : lame

Megan - 02, 11 2012 : cool

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