Beetle Buggin Game

 This is an enticing little game with neat graphics and a lot of fun. The aim is to drive your tiny, bright red, VW Beetle over a messed up desk and collect all the HP photo papers before the time runs out.
Just drive over the paper to grab it and check your status at the bottom of the play screen. Once you have collected all the papers from those difficult positions get back to the loading zone to win. Drive cautiously when you are on the ramps as falling off is quite easy.


Use "UP" Arrow Key or "A" Key to Accelerate.
Use "Down" Arrow Key or "Z" Key to Reverse/Brake.
Use "Left/Right" Arrow Keys to turn Left/Right.

10.00 Average Ratings

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Your name - 18, 12 2008 : HI :D THIS IS BROING -.-

Your mom - 18, 12 2008 : my mom :D

TragicRain - 09, 05 2009 : boring -_-

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