Arcade Games

Frat Boy Beer Pong Game
Who can beat a frat boy at beer pong? Instructions: Use mouse to set your aim Click to release.
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/28/2006
Bubble Trouble Game
Instructions: Player 1 Keyboard Go Left: Left arrow key Go Right: Right arrow key Shoot: Spacebar Mouse Go Left / Right: Mouse Movement Shoot: Left Mouse Button PLayer 2 Keyboard Go L...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/28/2006
Spaceman 2 Game
Your mission is to save the aliens on the distant planets! Instructions: Go Up: Up arrow Go Down: Down arrow Go Right: Right arrow Go Left: Left arrow Lift alien to airship: Spacebar Good Luck...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/25/2006
Mario Starcatcher 2 Game
Instructions: Move Left: Left Arrow Move Right: Right Arrow Jump: Spacebar
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/23/2006
Pacxon Game
Fill the empty spaces and lock the harmful ghosts by building walls around them in this nice online game. Instructions: This game is simple but addictive in nature, where your aim is to clear various leve...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/22/2006
Squirrel Harvest Game
Instructions: Move your mouse up and down to climb the bambus tree. Click anywhere to release the claw. Try to collect as many acorns as possible. You can combo acorns, then you get more points. Watch ou...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/21/2006
Crazy Chess Game
Defend your castle from the raging attacks of the black pawns. Capture the pawns before they get to the bottom of the board. Remember, It only takes eight black pawns to destroy your castle! Capture more...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/21/2006
Bomb it Game
Blow up your opponents by placing bombs. A Bomberman game with random levels! Instructions: --------------- 1 player mode --------------- Arrow keys = move Space = bomb --------------- 2 player...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/20/2006
The Chinese Professor Game
Like catapulting yourself in the air, just to see how far you can fly? Help the chinese professor cross the Great Wall of China! Instructions: Professor Chan has invented a flying machine so he could...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/18/2006
Fairy Fishing Game
Ever tried fishing for fairies? Catch as many fairies as you can! Instructions: Use your hook to catch fairies and reel them in. Try getting as many fairies as you can in a short time to win. You can cat...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/16/2006
C4Hamster Challenge Game
Instructions: 1. Adjust speed with cursur. 2. Press Spacebar to start (Try to press when strength meter is in center). 3. Press spacebar again to explode C4 hampster & kill monster. 4. Earn bonus points ...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/13/2006
K-Fed Game
What can be said about Kevin federline that he hasn't already made painfully obvious, on numerous occasions?You should know exactly why you're here. As the bouncer of the new and popular night spot club dou...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/04/2006
Territory War Game
Why fight with one stick figure when you can lead a stick figure ARMY? Instructions: Turn-based stick figure strategy game - see in-game help for complete instructions.
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/03/2006
Beatthemeter Game
Each driver has $10.00 they wish to spend at the pumps. When a car arrives,use the cursar keys to guide stelios to a pumps to start filing it up. But make sure you return to the car in time to stop it at $10....
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 11/02/2006
Banana Barrage Game
This is an awesome skill game where the aim is to help Donkey Kong calculate the angle and the power needed to throw bananas into the barrel before the time runs out. Use the right and left arrow keys to aim, ...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 10/14/2006
Bat and Mouse 2 Game
Pick up the cheese and get the stop timer. Stay away from the bat. Instructions: ARROW KEYS to move.
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 10/13/2006
QuibelLand Evolution Game
Try to get through the end of every stage alive.There are many creatures in these lands that want to harm you.Try to avoid spiked obstacles scattered around. Also, try to collect as much coins as you can for...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 10/11/2006
Donkey Bomb Game
Your target is to collect all the crowns on each level within the time limit, finishing at the top of the screen. Avoid being hit by the Bombs, touching the burning Oil drums, falling off the screen or runnin...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 10/10/2006
Bridge Savior Game
Your aim is to build the bridge and cross over to the other side of the river where your beloved is kidnapped by the enemy. Use Bombs to kill the enemy soldiers before they reach your beloved. Or they will kil...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 09/26/2006
Sheepish Game
Get the sheep across the road and into a pen. Instructions: use Arrow keys to move sheep across the river.
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 09/14/2006
Wone 2 Game
In this game you have to control the spinning wheel and collect all the drums and stars in every level. Instructions: Move Left : Left Arrow Key Move Right : Right Arrow Key Zoom In : Up Arrow ...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 09/11/2006
Dark Cut Game
You are the Kings Doctor sent to do his bidding. Try your hand at medieval medicine...not for the squeamish. Instructions: Follow the instructions shown at the top left corner of the game screen. Remember...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 09/11/2006
XXL Burger Game
Your job is to prepare burger for the customers according to the order placed by them. There are 3 different types of burgers that you've to make using the ingredients on the right side of the game screen. ...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 09/08/2006
Sputnik Game
Sputnik Is a satelite from where you have to fire an object and make it go the longest distance possible! Fire the object from the satelite and make it go as far as possbile using planets that attract and r...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 09/08/2006
Slack Man Game
Slack Man The aim of this fun arcade game is to help the Slack Man roam around in the office and collect all the doughnuts before the boss wakes up and catches him! You need to be careful as you move aroun...
Games / Arcade Games | added on: 09/08/2006
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