Crazy Nut Game

 Help the crazy nut reach for the heavens! Jump higher than the sky!


The objective of the game is to jump as high as you can and not fall. Jump on platforms and birds to go higher. Try to have rythm in your jumps to jump higher.
Try to think in advance where you want to jump on. Birds disappear after being jumped on. Have fun!
Move Left Left arrow key Move right Right arrow key Jump Space bar

6.00 Average Ratings

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game conte - 20, 12 2007 : Some sadpeople invented this game

Ray 7th - 10, 03 2008 : Penis

McCock - 10, 03 2008 : it looks like a divion sign ball dick ball

mr cummy - 15, 04 2009 : dose it every end

Jordan - 05, 06 2009 : i like big balls

Jordan - 05, 06 2009 : i like big balls

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