Ninja Showdown Game

 Ninja is a Sino-Japanese compound derived from the two kanji (Japanese characters of Chinese origin) used to write shinobi-no-mono, one of the native Japanese words for people who practice ninjutsu (sometimes transliterated as ninjitsu).

Ninja and shinobi-no-mono, along with shinobi, another variant, became popular in the post-World War II phonetically with the kanji, has been traced as far back as Japan's Asuka period, when Prince Shotoku is alleged to have employed one of his retainers as a ninja.


This is a fighting games between two ninjas, you can choose your ninja at first, and then in the battle.
Use the keys A and D to attack, arrow keys to move, spacebar to launch special attack.

7.00 Average Ratings

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obadnewt - 15, 05 2008 : sucks could be better

eduardo zuniga - 03, 12 2010 : hahaha

kl - 03, 12 2010 : hjkh

kl - 03, 12 2010 : hjkh

what up - 03, 12 2010 : whas

what up - 03, 12 2010 : whasd

CLit Rubber 69 - 03, 12 2010 : i fucking love this game

CLit Rubber 69 - 03, 12 2010 : i fucking love this game

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