Battle For Gondor Game

 Your task is to protect our land fron orc invasion. You will be taking control of the army. Our soldiers are intelligent and will do their best in slaying the beasts. As a commander, You are incharge of purchasing soldiers using gold. Gold is accquired by killing orcs.

You will be on the battlefield yourself,
Use the W, S, A, D keys to move, and num.pad 0 to attack
( alt: arrow keys to move, space to attack ).

Leave the battles to the soldiers,
Your mission is to kill the orc peons that try to infiltrateour lands.
Don't let any orc soldier pass you, or Gondor will fall.

10.00 Average Ratings

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Ray man - 11, 03 2008 : Natasha I bet you dig me

tig - 13, 03 2008 : wat up

tig - 13, 03 2008 : yes i do

tig - 13, 03 2008 :

gamepwner - 06, 06 2008 : sweet game

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