Action Games

Defend Your Castle
Defend your castle by throwing bad guys into the air so that they land with a nice splat. Insanely addicting. Author:2003 ...
Games / Action Games | added on: 01/31/2007
Serious Santa Game
Instructions: Walk Left: D Walk Right: A Jump: W Change Weapon:1, 2, 3, 4, Aim: Mouse Shoot: Left Mouse Button
Games / Action Games | added on: 12/19/2006
The 12 Fighters Game
Instructions: Walk Right: Right Arrow Key Walk Left: Left Arrow Key Jump: Up Arrow Key Duck: Down Arrow Key Special Moves: X Short Attacks: C Long Attacks: V...
Games / Action Games | added on: 12/16/2006
Ninja Assault Game
The farmng village in the Dijin valley are being plundered by samurai ghosts, demonic pandumos, and the dreaded Houshasei Dragon! The villagers offered to pay you everything they had to use your deadly Ninja...
Games / Action Games | added on: 12/16/2006
Picos School Game
Goth kids have shot up your school, and it's up to Pico to save the day!
Games / Action Games | added on: 12/14/2006
Matrix Rampage Game
Your mission is to survive as long as you can before being overwhelmed by agents. Instructions: Move Left: Left arrow key Move Right: Right arrow key Jump Up: Up arrow key Jump Down: Down arrow key At...
Games / Action Games | added on: 12/08/2006
Flames Of Fury Game
Instructions: Go Up: Up Arrow Or W Go Down: Down Arrow Or S Go Right: Right Arrow Or D Go Left: Left Arrow Or A Change Fireball Type: Mouse Wheel Or Spacebar Shoot with fireball: Left mouse Button Paus...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/28/2006
Brainsplatters 2 Game
Instructions: Click the arrows on the screen to move. Click on objects to open or to pick up. When enemy appears, click on his head, you can also click on the torso. But you will have to be carefull, enem...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/27/2006
Fear Unlimited Game
Instructions: Run: Right / Left Arrow Key Jump: A Sword Srikes: D Jack the Ripper: Up arrow key + D Blender attack: Down arrow key + D Power Slash: Down arrow key + D (while airborn) Shoot: S Two for ...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/25/2006
Autumn War Game
Your mission: zombie slaughter! Instructions: Dispatch your army to fight the zombies: See in game instructions.
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/20/2006
Staggy 2 Game
Instructions: Attack: Space Bar Move, Duck, Jump: Arrows Keys Change Weapons: 1-7 or Z, M Pause Game: P (Only 3 pause in one round)
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/11/2006
Unreal Flash Game
Move Left or Right: A, D Jump: W Roll: S Aim and Shoot: Mouse
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/11/2006
Red Barron Game
Instructions: Run: Left / Right arrow Attack: A Switch Weapons: s Defence: D Tap attack as soon as you see the sparks to continue the combo. When combo text appears, quikly tap the attack button to sha...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/10/2006
Boxhead Game
Evacuate as many civilians as possilbe (blue) within the specified time limit, avoiding the zombies (white). Follow the arrow to the Evacuate point. Instructions: Arrow keys to move character. Space...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/09/2006
Corpses of the 3 Reich Game
Everything that moves other than vanity is a potential enemy and if so, they are just an obstacle in your templar quest of destroing evil. Althoug the evil army is growing in strenght, there will still be ti...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/09/2006
Ninja Showdown Game
Ninja is a Sino-Japanese compound derived from the two kanji (Japanese characters of Chinese origin) used to write shinobi-no-mono, one of the native Japanese words for people who practice ninjutsu (sometimes t...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/07/2006
Battle For Gondor Game
Your task is to protect our land fron orc invasion. You will be taking control of the army. Our soldiers are intelligent and will do their best in slaying the beasts. As a commander, You are incharge of purchas...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/07/2006
Scarletangel Game
Instructions: Move Left:Left Arrow Move Right:Right Arrow Jump:Space OrX Fire/Attack:ShiftOrz
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/06/2006
Pancaksilat Game
Instructions: Step forward: Right Arrow Escape: Left Arrow High stance: Up Arrow Low stance: Down Arrow Use item 1: Z Use item 2: x Pause Game: p Reset Game(While Paused): Q Attack: Space...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/04/2006
Caosfaction Game
Instructions: Attack 1: Z Attack 2: x Jump: Up Arrow Move right: Right arrow Move Left: Left Arrow Shield: Down Arrow Pause Game: Space-Bar...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/04/2006
Stickmansam 3 Game
StickMan Sam is sent on his first real mission. Help Sam find the cheese and return safely. Refer to Training section in game. Instructions: Changing the controls may or may not work. Known issue: B...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/03/2006
President Rescue Game
The President is kidnapped by the terrorists. You are a part of an Elite task force appointed by the FBI to rescue the President. It is your task to fight all the terrorists and rescue our President. All the Be...
Games / Action Games | added on: 11/01/2006
Gladiater Castle War Game
Fight your way to the princess. Tons of weapons and enemies. Instructions: Arrow keys = move X = talk Z = Jump during battle X = Attack during battle tap-X multiple times = combo X while in mid-air ...
Games / Action Games | added on: 10/14/2006
Static Shock Game
A swarm of Microbots have been spotted in different regions of the city. You've to help Static Shock to fly through the various places and shoot down the evil Microbots before they take over the city. If you m...
Games / Action Games | added on: 10/10/2006
Capt Zambo Game
A top secret file from US defence has been stolen by terrorists of Iraq. As CAPT. ZAMBO, your mission is to recover this file. Beware, the task is not easy. You have to first collect the key of the hill door i...
Games / Action Games | added on: 09/12/2006
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